DURAPLAY offers a 25mm pile height product with unrivaled quality, resilience and durability, whilst creating a fun, inspiring and safe surface for children to play and learn on. Utilising the latest Y Profile ‘Pro-Tech’ Fibre Technology yarns, DURAPLAY continues to perform in the most extreme play situations. With three green tones and beige thatch, DURAPLAY is a multi-purpose surface affording a natural look throughout its lifetime.
Pile Height 25 MM
Stitch Rate 155 / metre
Yarn Polymer ‘Pro- Tech’ Yarn Technology
Yarn Profile Propellor Profile
Colours 3 Tone Green & Beige
Primary Backing 100% Woven Polyprop
Coating ‘UltraBak’ SBR Latex
Total Product Weight 2,570/m2