Artificial Grass for dogs.

Introduce your pet to artificial grass and you’ll both be amazed by the results.
You may have heard that your pets won’t like the smell or feel of artificial grass because that’s a common misconception that is held by many, however, it’s simply not true.
In fact, artificial grass is a great choice for pets, especially dogs. They love to play on the soft surface just like they would the real stuff. And as a pet owner, you’ll see the benefits of our artificial grass for dogs too.

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Dogs4Rescue is a unique, fun and independant dogs rescue located in a semi rural part of Manchester where the dogs live and play in a kennel free area. Whilst the dogs wait patiently for their new owners to come, they socialise and exercise outdoors which has only been enhanced further by Vitality Home’s recent huge donation of artificial grass, all supplied and fitted for free!

Dogs4Rescue’s Emma Billington says ‘Vitality Home heard about our animal rescue, came to see how he could help and we received a playground of artificial grass all supplied and fitted for free, just to help us with our dream to revolutionise dog rescue. This has already made an incredible difference to all of our lives here, no more mud, less cleaning, the dogs love it and we’re having tonnes of fun making all kinds of things with the off cuts.

After some wonderful weather, the installers at Vitality Home were able to fit it just in time for the dogs to enjoy and play in the sun. Dogs4Rescue said ‘This grass means more to us than the £20k that it would have cost us had we not been given it for free from the wonderful Vitality Home. The benefits from having artificial grass installed are not only the fun felt by the dogs but also the no more mess felt by Dogs4Rescue staff! It’s so easy to keep clean and requires minimal upkeep. The staff at Dogs4Rescue go on to say how ‘it is going to transform our home (no more mud) and our lives, along with the lives of our wonderful doggies’ which means less cleaning and more fun!

A garden is a source of joy for many household pets but for homeowners, it can be a bit of a hassle; especially for dog owners. Wet weather can play havoc with your natural grass and you’ll soon find muddy paw prints trailing across your crisp, clean carpet. Whilst summer can leave bare patches where the ground has dried up. And in the depths of winter, the garden is often a no-go area as it’s completely frozen. Dogs love to dig meaning you can often end up with tufts and mounds of dirt instead of a lovely, even lawn. And when they do their business, it can soak into the ground meaning it’s not a very hygienic place to spend time – especially if you have children who like to play in the garden. It can also be extremely time-consuming to maintain a garden, especially if you have a large lawn to take care of.

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Why choose artificial grass for dogs?

Switching to artificial grass means that your pet will have a reliable place to play, all year round. Because you don’t need to mow, weed or fertilise your artificial grass, there’s no need to keep your pet inside for any duration whilst you use chemicals on your lawn. Our pet grass doesn’t freeze over during winter, nor does it get muddy – because there is no mud! That means you can kiss goodbye to muddy paw prints in your house. It’s also UV stable which means the sun won’t affect it.

One of the main benefits pet owners find with our artificial turf for dogs is that it’s permeable and stain-resistant. This makes cleaning up after your pet that much easier. Plus, with our range of cleansers and sanitisers that have been specially formulated for pets, your grass will remain bacteria free and smelling lovely!

As a pet and a homeowner, you’ll have a hassle-free, beautiful lawn that you and your pet can enjoy all year round. Enquire about our Artificial Grass for dogs today.

If you want to give your beloved pet a real treat, then any of the above pet-friendly grass options are superb. They will love being able to run around on it all-year round, while you will love how they no longer get mud everywhere!

Many dog owners are opting for artificial grass for these reasons and more. It really does make a sensible choice when you have a dog in the home. We will install it as quickly as possible so your dog can enjoy it to the maximum. Our professional and efficient service will also be sure to meet your expectations too.

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Give us a call, drop us an email or use the online contact form to let us assist you today. We will be able to discuss which kind of artificial grass for dogs is the best option for you. All are fully pet-friendly, though, so there’s no need to worry! It’ll be a purely cosmetic decision based on what you think your dog will enjoy the look and feel of most.

We’re sure that your dog will enjoy the pet-friendly grass we install as much as you will. Our first-class service puts our customers at the forefront of what we do for the best experience around. All the artificial grass for dogs we stock is designed to the highest standards, is easy to clean and is great value for money.

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